Property Claim Process

We try to protect our property the best we can, with insurance against water damage, natural disasters, and fire. Although avoiding damage may not always be possible, your property policy is here to help you through every situation.

Your property policy protects your home from roof to basement and includes emergency work coverage that provides referrals to trusted contractors, coverage for emergency services needed to prevent further damage, and safe storage of belongings.

Important: If you are looking to learn more about your property coverage, please contact your insurance professional to confirm the property coverages you have purchased.


First things first

  1. If safe to do so, take photos to document the damage (e.g. a piece of burst pipe, braided hose, sump pump).

  2. Call Curo at 1-866-952-2876 to discuss the damage and your coverage options.

  3. Fill out the Schedule of Loss form provided by your claim professional and gather any related paperwork like receipts, product manuals, and warranties.

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