Claims Process

Do you have coverage under an employee benefits plan? If yes, submit your claim to your employee benefits plan first. Any eligible unpaid amount can be covered by your auto policy, subject to certain limits and maximum rates for treatment.

Step 1: Contact Curo (your claims professional)

Your claims professional will determine your injury type and let you know what you need to do.

FAST PASS TIP: To get your treatment sooner, let us know as soon as you can of your injuries (ideally within seven days of the accident).


Step 2: Choose the treatment clinic

The treatment provider can be from our Preferred Provider Network (PPN), or you can choose your clinic. Make sure they deal with motor vehicle accident claims.

FAST PASS TIP: By choosing a PPN clinic, you can start treatment sooner, and some PPN clinics have extended hours.


Step 3: Go to your initial assessment

The clinic performs an assessment to determine your treatment plan.

FAST PASS TIP: A PPN clinic can help you complete forms and send them directly to your claims professional.


Step 4: Review your treatment plan

Your treatment provider creates a treatment plan, based on your type of injury, and reviews it with you.


Step 5: Book your appointments

You can book appointments with your treatment provider once your treatment is approved. Actively participating in your treatments is key to your recovery, so you can go back to doing the things you love.

FAST PASS TIP: A PPN clinic can bill your claims payor/insurer directly


Step 6: Evaluate your progress

Be sure to share your progress with your claims professional and treatment provider.


Step 7: Take action if treatment is not working

To explore other treatment options, you can talk to your treatment provider. If treatment is required outside of your initial injury type, an insurer’s examination may be needed. Your accident benefits will cover the medical fee.

FAST PASS TIP: An insurer’s examination may be needed to determine treatment outside of your injury type. Your accident benefits will cover the medical fee.